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runIP Management Station

Secure Communications
All of your communications with the Management Station are via an intuitive web based GUI. Communication between the Management Station and the appliances is encrypted to protect sensitive configuration data while in transit through your intranet or over the public internet.

Package Technology
Whenever you want to upgrade your appliances to a higher release of the VitalQIP DNS or DHCP services you will benefit from the management package technology developed specifically for runIP. Using a central Management Station you define which units run which services and the exact versions of VitalQIP DNS and DHCP servers to be used. The management packages needed in order to do this are made available for internet download via your Annual Subscription Service.

Administrator Access Controls
The Management Station allows you to centrally administer the VitalQIP server software configuration for the runIP Appliances you have deployed. And even the underlying runIP software platform can be upgraded without any need for physical access to the machines.

Appliances can be treated individually, or grouped so that upgrading a whole group of appliances becomes as easy as upgrading a single appliance. A special group is a high availability pair, which can then be included in higher level groups to match your chosen upgrade and management hierarchy

Uniquely, the Management Station also features a multi level point and click rollback facility so that you can easily back out any upgrade or patch if it interferes with the effective operation of your network services.

High Availability
The runIP solution is completed by integrated monitoring of the DNS and DHCP services as well as the operating system. Furthermore, your DNS service can be made resilient via automatic takeover of a logical IP address (in addition to the DHCP failover option provided with the Lucent DHCP server) if the boxes are deployed in pairs. DNS propagation delays on failover can be minimised or eliminated.

High Performance
runIP appliances also offer extremely high performance DNS. Whether acting in caching or authoritative mode, runIP appliances are capable of exceeding 30,000 queries per second.

Events can be forwarded to other network management consoles via a customizable user exit. Alternatively, events can be notified by email.

Automatic Restart
The runIP monitoring solution will also automatically restart services if it finds that they are not running ... further reducing the need for manual intervention and maintaining high availability.

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