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runIP Managed DNS & DHCP Appliance
Maximizing the ROI on your VitalQIP Investment

The runIP Managed Appliance solution maximizes the efficiency of, and extracts the maximum benefit from, VitalQIP investments by addressing the need for an efficient solution to configuring, deploying, updating and patching the DNS and DHCP servers.

It eliminates the manual effort normally needed to achieve these tasks and the overhead frequently encountered in coordinating disparate groups such as configuration management, change control, server and security management. runIP brings the same high levels of efficiency to managing the VitalQIP remote servers and server software as VitalQIP brings to managing the IP assets. This dramatically increases the ROI on VitalQIP.

The runIP solution builds upon and packages the experience developed by n3k in deploying and supporting thousands of remote servers in hundreds of VitalQIP deployments. It has equal appeal for enterprises demanding increased efficiency and reduced cost of ownership for their existing VitalQIP installations as it has for those seeking to leverage the efficiency and success of their initial or early stage deployments.

Key Features
  • fast deployment
  • low capital and ownership costs versus traditional hand built servers
  • optimized secure platform for DNS and DHCP servers
  • unique Management Station and Package technology for upgrades
  • high availability DNS
  • comprehensive single vendor support for the whole solution
  • scales to meet the demands of the largest enterprises
  • space preserving solution that only uses 1u in a 19 inch rack

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