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IP Address and Services Management

As the world has moved towards IP networks as the standard for both internal and external connectivity, the need for a high availability, high performance IP infrastructure has rapidly become a de facto requirement.

Unfortunately many corporations either have ignored or continue to ignore the critical importance of having a well defined IP infrastructure and have underestimated the vital importance of key services such as DNS and DHCP. As Active Directory environments become increasingly widely deployed, the need for a well defined and highly reliable DNS infrastructure is once again finding a place at the top of the corporate agenda. For AD to work at maximum efficiency and reliability, the underlying IP infrastructure and particularly the associated DNS services must all operate seamlessly together.

Failing to address the IP services infrastructure will result sooner or later in a major network outage.

To assist you in designing, implementing, monitoring, managing and reporting on a reliable infrastructure we have brought together a series of world class product solutions deployed in a wide variety of Enterprise and Service Provider environments.

In this solution area products focus on the IP infrastructure - but if AD is your main concern check out our solutions in that area too.

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