Blackbird Group Extends Cloud Support
The Blackbird Group announced support for the Microsoft Azure platform in its Event Vault log consolidation product.More...
Blackbird Management Suite - Again Winner of Editors' Best Award
For the second year in a row, the Blackbird Management Suite in 2011 was again named the best AD auditing and compliance product.More...
Blackbird Technical Superiority

A Single-Agent Or No Agent at All-You Decide
With Blackbird, youÂ’ll never need more than one agent. All Blackbird Management Suite modules that require an agent make use of the same agent. So. adding modules is fast, easy and reliable, without the overhead of a new agent for each new feature.

Ease of Deployment
One modular architecture, one centralized database for all activity, one agent, and one console mean deployments are fast and trouble-free.

Modularity and a single platform give the Blackbird solution unparalleled flexibility. Any activity or file permission can be tracked, managed and protected from a single console. Buy only the modules you need now and plug in new modules as you need them—without interrupting workflow.

The modular architecture means that the Blackbird solutions can easily scale up to any size environment, even if your organization has millions of users and thousands of servers spread across the globe.

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