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IP Address Management

This proposition has three main elements - An initial Strategic Consultancy stage, which will study the client's approach to IP Management, Design and Implementation of effective IP Name & Address management solutions and a set of training modules outlined in our Training Course Guide that will be beneficial in equipping customer staff with the requisite skills.

Strategic IP Management Consultancy

Many IP environments have evolved organically and in order to establish a well-managed end-to-end IP environment that serves the company's business requirements most effectively, it is often essential to review the current situation, Identify the real requirements, visualise the desired outcome and then clearly state the chosen company strategy. The following steps have been found useful in a number of engagements:

  • Review of existing IP management processes and procedures
  • Review of IP strategy, policy and design
  • Review of interface(s) to regulatory bodies
  • Strategic recommendations

IP Name & Address Management Design and Implementation

Having established the real need for effective IP Management and agreeing the Strategic direction, the next step is to ensure a practical design and successful implementation. n3k have vast experience in ensuring just that and the following steps have been regularly implemented to do so:

  • Design of IP Addressing Scheme
  • Design of DNS Systems
  • Design of DHCP Systems
  • Integration of Windows 2000 with DNS
  • Recommendation of appropriate systems
  • Implementation and commissioning of chosen systems
  • Management of migration from existing system(s)


A key part of any engagement is informal technology transfer from our expert consultants to your own staff. While much can be achieved during an engagement, the need for formal training should never be overlooked and a variety of tested and proven options area available via our formal Training Courses. We can also define and develop, in as part of a consulting engagement with you, customised courses to suit your own needs.

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