Blackbird Group Extends Cloud Support
The Blackbird Group announced support for the Microsoft Azure platform in its Event Vault log consolidation product.More...
PowerBroker Management Suite - Again Winner of Editors' Best Award
For the third year in a row, the PowerBroker Management Suite in 2012 was again named the best AD auditing and compliance product.More...
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These are just a few examples of customers that have benefited from the use of our consulting services. There are many others. However the real question is how may these services help your company to achieve its business objectives and this is always at the centre of our consideration. You can rely on n3k giving well founded advice in a realistic and pragmatic manner that really helps you to deliver. The following Consulting services are based on those requirements that we have found to be regularly required across our customer base. In addition we pride ourselves on our flexibility in meeting new and customer specific needs and will be delighted to discuss any specific requirements that fall outside of these areas.

IP Address Management
Service Level Management
Regular Systems Health check

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