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Global Reach, Local Delivery

The n3k alliance was formally created in January 2000, when the first two members - the UK and Germany - while remaining independent businesses - joined marketing forces to create the n3k brand. Both companies can trace their roots to 1996. Both share a similar business philosophy. Both share a number of common core products and solutions. Both have an overriding commitment to delivering real Value Added expertise. Both are capable of not only reselling world class software solutions, but also of delivering managed service solutions and developing world class products in their own right.

Germany, through the n3k holding company, has spearheaded geographic expansion driven by the need to meet the demand for both the runIP solution and the needs of our globally deployed customer base. This has resulted in the successful establishment of n3k subsidiaries in both the North American and Asia Pacific Regions which are not only delivering services to existing alliance customers but are rapidly gaining traction and establishing their own blue chip customer bases.

Exploiting the deep rooted knowledge gained through deploying, analysing and supporting the needs of key corporate customers, the German team have already established a development capability to deliver value added products around our core solutions areas. The first of these products - the runIP Managed Appliance Solution for VitalQIP environments has been a resounding success. It has been adopted by over 50 of the largest global corporations with deployments in over 50 countries. Meanwhile the UK team have also established a software design and development capability and will launch their first product in 2007. It is already clear that the n3k alliance has begun to rapidly evolve from a reseller into a full value added manufacturer and managed service provider.

Today, n3k is a powerful market leading manufacturing, sales and support operation with roots in all the largest global IT markets which has a substantial base of global customers to which it is able to deliver operating interfaces at any combination of local, national, regional and global levels across a wide range of industries including Telecommunications, Media, Finance, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing and countless others. Each n3k company, while individually successful, can call on any other part of n3k to ensure that they can seamlessly deliver to enterprise and service providers the ability to measure, monitor, manage and deliver compliance reports for high performance, high availability networked services across tens of thousands of servers and millions of end points.

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